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Bottled Water And Point of Use Water Coolers

Office water delivery has never been more convenient to supply your staff and customers with fresh, pure and clean drinking water.

Enjoy instant refreshing chilled water and even instant hot water for hot drinks! Keep extra space in your office fridge of freezer, with no need to carry bottles from the supermarket. You will never run out of water thanks to our regular delivery service.

Bottled Water Coolers
bottled water coolers

Equip your office with a "No-Spill" bottled water system. These coolers are available in cold or hot & cold in decorative bone-white cabinets. You can supply your office with either Filtered Water or Spring Water. Each water system is presented in 5 gallon bottles with safety "No-Spill" caps for use with the "No-Spill" system. Water filtration systems are also available below.

  • Features Include

  • › WQA/UL/CE/AFI Certified
  • › Hot/Cold or Cook/Cold
  • › Floor Model or Table Top
  • › White or Charcoal
  • › High Density PE Cabinet
  • › Tomlinson Valves/Child Safety
  • › Formed Stainless Reservoir
Point-Of-Use Water Coolers
point-of-use water coolers

Finally there's a solution to clean tasty water on demand - Bottleless Water Coolers, also known as Point-of-Use Water Coolers (POU). Enjoy filtered water 24 hours a day and not worry about running out of clean water! These water coolers are plumbed directly into your cold water line.

More people are discovering that water filtration systems offer superior-quality water, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Filtered water is delivered to your home without boats, trucks or trains, saving gasoline and generating less air pollution.

Many people worry that tap water may contain a wide range of contaminants, such as lead, chlorine, cysts and sediments, many of which can pose health risks. Executive Coffee Service offers several solutions for effectively and efficiently removing contaminants from your tap water, providing quality drinking water without adding to the environmental damage caused by the bottled-water industry.

Now more than ever, people want to live without damaging our planet. Water filtration systems offer you a way to pollute less while saving money. Contact the professionals at Executive Coffee Service to find the best solution for you.

  • Green Advantages

  • › No lifting of heavy bottles onto the coolers
  • › No more unnecessary plastic bottles polluting the environment
  • › No minimum term contracts
  • › No need to remember to order water, as you will never run out again
  • › No need to find space to store extra bottles of water
  • › Modern Stylish Design to complement any workplace interior
  • › Cleaner, fresher water
point-of-use water coolers